Orange County Fitness Photographer Robert Randall Productions… Activewear Campaign in San Diego

Last year we did a photo shoot in the Gas Lamp District of San Diego, CA. The client asked us to create a series of images to be used for a Look Book, Collateral Materials, Online Advertising for their web site, Instagram, Face Book and a number of different uses.

The City of San Diego is a great place to shoot and we really had no challenges other than the management at the Hard Rock Hotel (where we shot a great deal of the day) just wanted to make sure that we didn’t get any signage in the pictures or bother any of the guests. They were absolutely wonderful an let us shoot all over the hotel.

Downtown (Gas Lamp District), we shot on the sidewalks, in the cross walks, on the street (briefly stopping traffic) and just about wherever we wanted. Try that in any other major metropolitan city. It was like having the keys to the city. No one bothered us for a permit and no one really seemed to care that we were even there. We shot the whole day without a single problem.

Our model, Ashley Elliott (from IT Model Management) was absolutely incredible going through more than 30 changes during the day. My make-up artist Elleveesa (as always) never ceases to amaze me with her incredible talent, dedicated work ethic and stellar attitude.

The following images are a small sample of the work we did that day but it can give you an idea of the quality and quantity of great shots we can produce for your company or personal brand. Enjoy!