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Orange County Fitness Photographer Robert Randall Photographs Kimber Mahon
running dunes in Death Valley, CA

On photoshoots, what I am looking for is moments of peak experience or flow.  Those moments when an individual is 1000% invested in their activity and nothing, literally nothing has their attention except the task at hand”. That is “Direct Experience”and it is the driving force behind the work that we do.

“Direct Experience” is the reason I love to photograph athletes. Athletes understand total commitment and focus.  The photo shoots that we produce give these athletes both creative freedom and the time opportunity to move into a peak state of flow as we shoot.  It’s spontaneous, nothing is posed and the result are images that are powerful and authentic.

Direct Experience is also a major component of our creative process as a team during our photoshoots.  If you’ve ever been on set with me, you’d know that it’s a bit of a three ring circus.  If we’re doing our jobs right, the team is also working in a state of flow.  It’s not always pretty to watch and it can be pretty chaotic but I’ve found that some of the best ideas come from others on the set.  It never fails that when one of my assistant or stylists yells out hey… look at the light over there the whole team is scrambling over to that location and shooting frantically to capture it.  And that’s where the magic really happens. Because at that moment, the shot list goes right out the window and our team and the talent are working spontaneously to capture a  moment and you know that you’ve got it because no one is saying a word.  Well, except for me maybe because I tend you yell a lot when I know we got it!

We’re launching 2020 with a greater commitment to “direct experience” in our commercial and personal work than ever before.  What that means is pushing our creativity on every shoot. It means stretching the capabilities of our equipment and testing new ideas on every shoot. It means faster lenses, larger capture, drones, video and incredible, cinematic locations both here in the US and Internationally.

Whether you’re with a large, medium or small company or an individual looking to create new, brand specific imagery I hope you’ll come shoot with us. You’ll have a great experience!
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